Happy Holidays from MLW!

Check this out to find out about the Return of the beloved MLW weekly local music podcast! New host, same great tastes!

UPDATED! So, have you been looking for some kick ass local tunes to get you through the day? We figured we’d hook you up. Hopefully as we uncover more and more free (or pay any price) local music downloads, we’ll pass on the info so you can get your sweaty little mitts on it.

Take a trip down Memory Lane and stop off at Nostalgia Boulevard as I give my list of top 5 Nintendo Entertainment System games that defined my childhood! 8 Bit rules, Next-Gen drools!

Nick Sweat from Bogeyman’s Tears has been busy working on a short film with Patrick Dey and Charlie McLinden. Check it out here. I love when our local musicians branch out into other creative directions. It’s definitely an interesting short.

Explaining the absence and the future of MLW. We’re not dead. Don’t worry your pretty little face off about it!

MLW’s Tyler Cook reviews the upcoming Cover of Afternoon album. What does he think? Check it out.

A seven hour documentary about the Friday the 13th franchise?? That’s right, it exists. And what’s more, it’s awesome!

Reverbnation and Project Independent brings their Living Loud 2013 tour to Columbia’s New Brookland Tavern.

It’s update time, ya’ll!