Monthly Archives: June 2013

MLW-TV Shooting Test

Here’s a shooting test for the acoustic sessions that will happen in each episode of MLW-TV.  This one is with half of the band that I’m in, The Lovecrafts.  We wanted to test everything out before we brought folks down to Shabby Roads.  I didn’t spend a lot of time editing it or using the […]

Test Video Shoot Completed

Tonight, Lloyd and I did a test shoot of a Lovecrafts acoustic song.  This test was pretty successful.  There’s a few minor issues (including needing to replace on particular camera), but I think it’s going to work out quite well.  I’ll post the video up tomorrow.  I didn’t particularly spend a lot of time on […]

New MLW Podcast is now UP. Check it out!

Song of the Year winners Cover of Afternoon selected the track listing for this episode! They did a damn good job at it too. This episode rocks!  Click here to listen to it.  Let us know what you think.

The New MLW

As you can see from the fancy background image, MLW is changing. While we’ll still focus on the South Carolina music scene, we’re branching out to include basically anything we want to talk about! We’re doing this for two main reasons. Click to continue reading…

New MLW Podcast coming this weekend.

The next MLW audio podcast will be coming this weekend.  This is a special episode that features songs selected by the band that won the Song of the Year contest, Cover of Afternoon.  Stay tuned and we’ll let you know when it’s released.

Test Acoustic Shoot

So, last night we did a test shoot of the acoustic segment that will be featured in each episode of MLW-TV.  The test was a smashing success.  Unfortunately, it was also a failure!  The idea behind it and the execution was perfect, but the result was not.  I was trying some live switching so I […]

Welcome to MLW!

Currently we’re releasing 1 show per week until we can build up a catalog that will enable us to do more than once a week. The episodes usually come on Tuesdays around noon. If you’re interested in submitting your material for the show, please use the contact form on the ABOUT page. We accept any […]