The New MLW

As you can see from the fancy background image, MLW is changing.  While we’ll still focus on the South Carolina music scene, we’re branching out to include basically anything we want to talk about!  We’re doing this for two main reasons.  1. If we have more varied content, we’ll bring in a different base of viewers.  This new base of viewers will then be exposed to all of the awesome music that South Carolina has to offer.  2.  Because we want to.  Apart from music, we’re basically nerds at heart and love us some nerdly goodness.  There will be a lot of nostalgia behind some of our non music coverage.  We’re hoping that we can interact with people who remember and love all of this old junk!  The main contributors will be myself and Lloyd Owens.  We’ll also have many contributions from Tyler Cook and others.

We’ve got several new video series planned for the future as well.  We’re really pushing our YouTube Channel (HERE).  Here’s a handy list of some of the ideas we’re cooking up.

  1. MusicLiveWire TV (including short weekly segments)
  2. Slow Motion SEXcess
  3. Ripping off the Internet
  4. A video series discussing Comic Books
  5. A video series discussing classic horror movies
  6. We’re planning on bringing back our Guys Playing Games series
  7. A series of written articles talking about things that we may not have time to do videos on

So yeah, don’t worry, the local music scene will be a HUGE part of the new MLW.  We’ve just got more to say about a lot of different topics.  We hope you’ll be down for the changes and we look forward to continuing to grow with you.


What says you?

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