MLW-TV Taping This Weekend

Frederick Ingram

Frederick Ingram will be joining us at Shabby Roads studio this weekend to record a segment for MLW-TV.

This weekend, our buddy Frederick Ingram, The Mount Everest of Folk Rock will be joining us down at Shabby to record an acoustic performance or 2 for our upcoming debut show.  He will be the first of two guests appearing on that episode.  More details on the second guest will be coming soon.

About Frederick Ingram (click here to hear some of his music):

The Wild Voice of the South: Frederick Ingram is one of the Carolinas’ most original voices, accompanying wide-ranging vocals with a signature brand of fingerstyle guitar.

A native of South Carolina, Ingram has played bass for the Hawaii Pacific University choral ensemble, Soundwave, and a couple of barroom acts in his native state. He then struck out on his own as as performing songwriter.

Ingram has appeared at coffeehouses, festivals, and civic events in the Salt Lake area as well as in Boise. He was featured at Provo’s Festivale di Reggaze, known for its sidewalk chalk-art, between the jugglers and birds-of-prey presentations.

Ingram performed as a solo act at Sumter’s Iris Festival, one of the oldest and largest outdoor events in the South, in 1999, 2000 and 2009. He was a winner of the 2008 songwriting contest held by Saluda Shoals in connection with its “Unearth” festival. In 2012 he was an opening act there for the S.C. Shakespeare Co.’s “Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)” and also performed before the Charlotte Shakespeare Festival’s production of “The Tempest” held Uptown at The Green. He is the featured guest on Episode 10 of The Songwriting Podcast (which features Glen Phillips of Toad the Wet Sprocket as a “bonus.”)

As a solo performer, Ingram has been in demand as a opening act for such bands as Wasted Wine, The Lovecrafts, and Darker Shades of Symphony, at leading NC/SC venues including Durham’s Motorco and Casbah and Conundrum, New Brookland Tavern, and UU Coffeehouse in the Columbia area.


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