Episode 1 of MLW-TV is Coming Next Week

mlworangeWell, the first episode of the show is COMPLETE.  Done.  Ready to go!  It clocks in at just under 1 hour long!  There’s a lot of local music awesomeness packed into this first episode.  I’m excited.  The plan is still to set up a live stream of the show so people can join in and chat about it while watching.  That could be a cool little community building exercise!  Besides, I’d like to see people talk trash about my exceptionally dry hosting skills!  Afterwards, it’ll be posted for anyone to watch it whenever they want to.

In one way or another, these artists appear in the first episode (either by music video or background music):  Death of Paris, Nepotism, Chris McKay, THE Dubber, Bogeyman’s Tears, Citizen Seven, Nick Sweat, The Noise (Is Love), The Lovecrafts, Frederick Ingram, Ahomari, Dr. Roundhouse, Cover of Afternoon, SOUL, Along the Saluda, Dreiberg.

Yep.  It’s on, son.


What says you?

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