Updates and Compiling

As you can see down below, I’m in the process of bringing over some of the content that I’ve created in the past that ties into the NEW theme of the site.  In one way or another, I’ve been doing these things for years and years.  It’ll be nice to have them all under one umbrella with MLW.  Remember, the goal is to turn it into more of an “entertainment” site that still has a focus on the SC music scene.  The more varied content that I bring in, the more traffic that we’ll get.  The more traffic we get, the more exposure the music gets.  Just remember:

We’re still doing everything we have been doing with the local music scene!

That has not changed.  So don’t worry your pretty little head off about it.  I just want to have this site focus on ALL of my nerdly loves!  By the way, if anyone out there wants to contribute an article or something about comics, movies, video games or of course SC music, please use the contact page and get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you about it.


What says you?

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