Promote Your Show on MLW!

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BANDS!  Do you want to get your show out there to a group of people that are more likely to actually go to your show?  Why not advertise right here on MLW?  Take a look over at our side bar and you’ll see the graphic image promoting the upcoming The Lovecrafts show.  Your image (along with a link to the location that your little heart desires, i.e. a Facebook event page, website, itunes download, etc) could be displayed there for all the world to see.  With the current remodel and expansion of MLW, our viewer base has grown greatly.  We’ll also be adding new content ridiculously often to keep people coming back.  This could be a perfect opportunity to get the word out about your show to a target market, as well as a way to help MLW grow!  In addition, if you buy the ad space, we’ll also promote your show on any podcasts or episodes of MLW that may occur while your ad is up!  How’s that for awesome?  70 shades of awesome.  That’s how awesome.

SC BUSINESSES!  If you’re a local music, video game, comic book or movie store and want to advertise, Get in touch with us as well.  We want to help our local businesses continue to grow, and we’d like to grow right along with them.

No more than 2 ads will be displayed at a time.  The ads will appear on every page of the site.  When someone visits ANY page of MLW, they’re guaranteed to see your ad!

For rates, lengths, etc, get in touch with us via this handy Contact Form.  We hope to hear from you soon!  ROCK!


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