Still Compiling

If you haven’t noticed, we are still compiling some of the old content that we’ve had on various sites strewn across the internet.  What I’m working on now is getting up OLD show reviews from national bands that have come through the SC area.  Here’s a little known fact, MLW actually started back in ’04 as a site that covered national touring bands that have come through the state.  Occasionally I did shows in Charlotte and Atlanta as well, but the majority of them were from right here across SC.  So, once again, let me stress…

Local music content is still going to be the priority.

Since we’ve started the redesign and started importing the comics and movies content, our hits have increased dramatically.  In fact, so far, September is the most popular month for this website.  We’ve surpassed the hits from any single previous month.  And we’re only 13 days in!  This is bringing MORE coverage to all of the great local bands.  It’s win win brotha!

So yeah, If you’re interested in checking out those old reviews and see some pretty pictures, just check out the music link at the top and you’ll see ’em.  It’s going to be a slow process because I’ve got to re-edit the pics to include the new logo, but in time, everything will be here.

And it’ll be a relief to me to have all of my content on one site instead of having it in every corner of the interwebz.



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