Update Soon!

We’ve been slack.  But this time, it’s with very good reason!  We’ve been pretty much swamped with personal stuff lately that’s had to take precedent over the site.  Sorry.  Also, I’m sick.  Blah.

Anyway, I’ve got some updates coming to you within the next few days.  We’ll have a review of the 7 hour Friday the 13th Documentary, a review of the upcoming Cover of Afternoon studio album and more.  Also, the next episode of the podcast should be coming soon.  It’ll include a lot of NEW music!  I may even try to work in a top 5 list related to horror movies since it’s that time of the year!

Speaking of that time of the year, what do you think of our snazzy new background/header?  Is it getting you in the spirt?  It damn well should!


  1. You know, my pal Jason Pyles started songwritingpodcast.com then migrated to doing just a horror podcast.

    1. Really? It seems the content that gets the most hits and views is the non music related topics. HOWEVER, I plan on keeping the music a focus of the site!

      But, I do want to check out his horror podcast! Link me up!

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