Here ya go.  If you’ve ever wondered how to get in touch with one of the bands we’ve played on the show, look no further.  We’re going to provide this handy dandy list of links to everyone we’ve played*.  It’s obviously a work in progress, but it’ll get there!  If you notice someone that I may have missed, please let us know.  

  1. A Fragile Tomorrow
  2. Ahomari
  3. Alex Roberts
  4. All New Badges
  5. Along the Saluda
  6. American Gun
  7. amRadioi
  8. April McKay
  9. Bogeyman’s Tears
  10. Buried Voices
  11. C4
  12. Capital (Defunct – Classic Columbia episode)
  13. Carolina Chupacabra
  14. Casual Friday
  15. Chris McKay
  16. Citizen Seven
  17. Cover of Afternoon
  18. Daniel Huggins
  19. Dear Blanca
  20. Death of Paris
  21. Dr. Roundhouse
  22. Dreiberg
  23. DUBA
  24. East of West
  25. Elonzo
  26. Faster Stereo
  27. Finding Lucy
  28. FoodComputer
  29. Frederick Ingram
  30. Full Color Footage
  31. Fusebox Poet
  32. Genius of the Heard
  33. Go Jenny Go
  34. Hot Lava Monster
  35. Junior Astronomers
  36. Latenights
  37. Lost in the Middle
  38. Love Apple (Defunct – Classic Columbia episode)
  39. Magic Johnson Ride (Defunct – Classic Columbia episode)
  40. Mel Washington
  41. Modern Man
  42. Mountain Homes
  43. My Fat Richard
  44. Nepotism
  45. Nick Sweat
  46. Old You
  47. Osara
  48. Release the Dog
  49. Right to Fall
  50. Robot Plant
  51. Sabin Sharpe Band
  52. Seventy Six and Sunny
  53. Sun Brother
  54. Sons of Young
  55. SOUL
  56. super*bike (Defunct – Classic Columbia episode)
  57. The Apprehended
  58. The Apnea Effect
  59. THE Dubber
  60. The Lovecrafts
  61. The Lovely Few
  62. The Noise is Love
  63. The Restoration
  64. The Sea Wolf Mutiny
  65. Todd Mathis
  66. Tykes With Guns (Defunct – Classic Columbia episode)
  67. Tyler Cook
  68. Vorov
  69. YouN JustUs

*If you have a link to any of the artists that aren’t linked, please let us know!  We’d like this to be comprehensive, but sometimes it’s hard to find the proper links!


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