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Top 5 Favorite Spider-Man Story Arcs

Check out my top 5 favorite Spider-Man story arcs! There’s some you wouldn’t think of and plenty NOT on the list that you’d expect! Read on true believers.

Top 5 Favorite Comic Book Movies

Let’s be honest, historically, comic book movies haven’t been very good. It’s hard to translate decades of source material into something that does the character justice while also telling a new story that people unfamiliar with the canon can still enjoy. Superman 4, Batman and Robin, Ghost Rider, Catwoman, Green Lantern, yeah…they all suck. Some of them suck in good ways (Superman 4), but in most cases, they just flat out blow. Continue for more…

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The New MLW

As you can see from the fancy background image, MLW is changing. While we’ll still focus on the South Carolina music scene, we’re branching out to include basically anything we want to talk about! We’re doing this for two main reasons. Click to continue reading…