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Merry Christmas from MLW!

Happy Holidays from MLW!


The MLW Podcast Is Returning!

Check this out to find out about the Return of the beloved MLW weekly local music podcast! New host, same great tastes!


Explaining the absence and the future of MLW. We’re not dead. Don’t worry your pretty little face off about it!

Update Soon!

It’s update time, ya’ll!

Still Compiling

If you haven’t noticed, we are still compiling some of the old content that we’ve had on various sites strewn across the internet. What I’m working on now is getting up OLD show reviews from national bands that have come through the SC area. Here’s a little known fact, MLW actually started back in ’04 as a site that covered national touring bands that have come through the state.

Promote Your Show on MLW!

SC Bands and LOCAL Businesses, get in touch with us to find out how to advertise on MLW. Help us grow while we help you grow in the local community! If you’re a band and have a show coming up that you’d like to promote, please get in touch!

Quick update

Some quick updates and an excuse on why something won’t be done! You’ve gotta click it to find out what! Yes, I can be evil sometimes!

Updates and Compiling

As you can see down below, I’m in the process of bringing over some of the content that I’ve created in the past that ties into the NEW theme of the site.  In one way or another, I’ve been doing these things for years and years.  It’ll be nice to have them all under one […]

A Quick Poll

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Full background image

If you’re interested in seeing the full background image, here she be.  How many of the pics can you name?  I can’t wait to get into talking about a lot of this stuff.  Either through videos or articles, I intend to discuss all of this in one way or another.  All of the bands pictured […]