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Top 5 Nintendo Entertainment System Games That Defined My Childhood

Take a trip down Memory Lane and stop off at Nostalgia Boulevard as I give my list of top 5 Nintendo Entertainment System games that defined my childhood! 8 Bit rules, Next-Gen drools!


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Guys Playing Games Ep 4 – Hook (SNES)

Lloyd and Benji step into 16 bit with the terrible Super Nintendo adaptation of the movie HOOK. Ugh.

Guys Playing Games Ep 3 – Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers (NES)

Lloyd and Benji get to play a good game for a change. Another Capcom/Disney collaboration that ROCKS. Despite us thinking it would suck!

Guys Playing Games Ep. 2 – Robocop (NES)

Lloyd and Benji are back again to tackle the hard hitting CRIME taking place in good old Detroit. Can Robocop clean up the streets to make it safe for guys like us? 

Guys Playing Games Ep. 1 – Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors 2 (NES)

The first in a series of videos where Lloyd and Benji just play some old games. In this debut episode they play the Fabio inspired classic, Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors II for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Enjoy!

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