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The Live Stream is TONIGHT!

Here is the direct link to tonight’s broadcast.  In the event of any issues that arise due to connection issues, there will be a back up.  In the meantime, here’s the link!  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/musiclivewire-tv Also, after the show, check this page for exclusive bonus performances from Ahomari and Frederick Ingram as well as their unabridged interview […]

MLW-TV Pilot Episode Coming Wednesday!

That’s right folks.  This Wednesday night, you’ll be able to join us for a LIVE stream of the pilot episode of MLW-TV!  It’ll be streaming at 10:00 pm.  We’ll have a lot of the musicians that appear on the show watching and chatting along.  We’ve set up a FACEBOOK EVENT page where you can RSVP […]

Episode 1 of MLW-TV is Coming Next Week

Well, the first episode of the show is COMPLETE.  Done.  Ready to go!  It clocks in at just under 1 hour long!  There’s a lot of local music awesomeness packed into this first episode.  I’m excited.  The plan is still to set up a live stream of the show so people can join in and […]

Streaming the first episode?

We’re considering live streaming the debut episode of MLW-TV.  What do you think?  Would you be interested in checking it out?  Basically, I think we may do a standard Ustream of the show one time so that people can check it out and chat with each other while they’re watching it.  It could get some […]

Updates on MLW-TV

Since last weekend’s Ahomari performance, we’ve been busy getting everything edited down and experimenting somewhat.  We’re still on track for a late July release.  The self imposed deadline is August 1, so we’ll see how that works out for us.  So far, we’ve got the 2 live performances and interviews ready, all of the music […]

Screenshot of Ahomari Performance

Yesterday, we had Ahomari drop by Shabby Roads to perform a few songs for our MLW cameras.  The MLW performance will mark his debut public performance.  That’s right.  We got ’em first!  One of his performances will appear on the pilot episode of MLW-TV while the other 2 will appear as online extras, right here […]

Another MLW-TV Taping This Weekend

Tonight, Columbia, SC based artist Ahomari drops by Shabby Roads to record his FIRST ever live performance.  His performance and interview segment will appear in the debut episode of MLW-TV.  Be sure to check him out on Facebook and Twitter and watch for him on MLW-TV.  He will join Frederick Ingram as the featured artists […]

New Promo for MLW-TV

Check out our newest promos for MLW-TV.  Our spokesman Noskinse Wellington is having some trouble.  Will he overcome his demons?  Tune in to find out. Part 1 Part 2

New Podcast coming Tonight!

Hopefully, and let me stress, hopefully, tonight will bring the next episode of our podcast!  We’ve been so wrapped up in getting MLW-TV going that we’ve fallen slightly behind on the podcast side.  Hopefully that’ll be rectified.  We’ve got a good playlist set up and ready to go!  We’ll include some new artists to the […]

MLW-TV Images and Info

Here are a couple of screen grabs from the live acoustic shoot that we did with Frederick Ingram this past weekend.  We’ve been quite busy editing the performances and interview footage.  In fact, we’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to get to do a podcast.  Don’t worry though, one of those will […]