The MLW Podcast Is Returning!

The Podcast RETURNS!

The Podcast RETURNS!

That’s right.  The weekly MLW Local Music podcast is returning to!  This feature was the staple of MLW for the longest time before the redesign/addition of content.  There’s been some animosity and weirdness regarding all of that.  BUT…enough of that, it’s back!

I’ve decided to pass the baton of hosting duties to someone else.  I realized that I just haven’t had the time to devote to doing the podcast like I wanted to.  So now, MusicLiveWire would like to welcome our newest addition to the crew, Holly Hammet.  She’ll be taking over behind the mic for the weekly MLW podcast.  She’s no stranger to broadcasting.  She has a weekly show on WUSC in addition to doing a three hour show every Sunday for OurGenerationRadio!  Now she’ll be bringing her “Soda City Set” to MLW.

So, local bands, if we’ve already got your music, we’re going to continue spinning it.  Keep us up to date on your shows/releases/etc.  If you’re a local musician and we DON’T have your music yet, by all means, use the contact page and get in touch with us so we can feature you on the show as well.

Join us in welcoming Holly to the gang!   Be sure to keep an eye right here on and our Facebook page and Twitter feed to be the first to know when Holly’s first episode will be available!  I’m looking forward to being one of the ones that gets to listen to the MLW broadcast now instead of being the one doing it!


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