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Merry Christmas from MLW!

Happy Holidays from MLW!

The MLW Podcast Is Returning!

Check this out to find out about the Return of the beloved MLW weekly local music podcast! New host, same great tastes!

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We’ve got your podcast, right’chere.

Here you go peeps.  Here’s the newest podcast of MLW.  Just click this handy dandy link (though not as handy or dandy as Joe’s notebook).  A bunch of songs new to the show, and listen to me not realize I’m doing the broadcast live, and then completely not know what I’m doing anymore! Good times. […]

New podcast is up!

Yep.  We’ve been slack regarding the podcast.  Very slack.  BUT…the new episode is NOW UP!  Check it out for all kinds of new songs, an exclusive track and a Classic Columbia track!  I’m going to try to get back on the podcasts and actually get ’em done on a regular basis right now.  So, the […]

New Podcast is UP!

Yep, as promised (and hoped!), the new podcast is up!  Just click here to check it out.  Features new tracks from old favorites, new tracks from new favorites and an exclusive favorite!  So, uh!  Yeah.  We actually did keep our word!

New Podcast coming Tonight!

Hopefully, and let me stress, hopefully, tonight will bring the next episode of our podcast!  We’ve been so wrapped up in getting MLW-TV going that we’ve fallen slightly behind on the podcast side.  Hopefully that’ll be rectified.  We’ve got a good playlist set up and ready to go!  We’ll include some new artists to the […]

MLW-TV Images and Info

Here are a couple of screen grabs from the live acoustic shoot that we did with Frederick Ingram this past weekend.  We’ve been quite busy editing the performances and interview footage.  In fact, we’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to get to do a podcast.  Don’t worry though, one of those will […]


Tonight, we’ll be down at Shabby Roads recording the first of two guests that will be appearing on the pilot episode of MLW-TV.  Frederick Ingram will be joining us to play and talk to Tyler. We’ve been working on the behind the scenes part of the program, including graphics, tweaking the intro, bumpers, etc.  It’s […]

New MLW Podcast is now UP. Check it out!

Song of the Year winners Cover of Afternoon selected the track listing for this episode! They did a damn good job at it too. This episode rocks!  Click here to listen to it.  Let us know what you think.